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The rate for all persons in poverty in the region is 17.46% with a poverty rate of 27.39% for children.  Poverty rates are highest total poverty rate is in Tyrrell County, and with the poverty rate for children highest in Washington County.  The region’s average median household income is $45,967.90 with the highest in Currituck County and the lowest in Tyrrell County.  Dare County’s economy is supported by a vibrant tourism industry on the Outer Banks. Camden County is very close to the Virginia State Line.  It should be noted that Currituck and Gates Counties are a part of the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Statistical Area. Although, there is small growth region-wide, there is an economic void in the center of the region with the counties of Tyrrell and Washington. These central counties lack the tourism industries of coastal communities, as well as close proximity to employment generators in southeastern Virginia.