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Economic Development

The Counties of THE HISTORIC Albemarle REGION

Ten counties, and the towns within them, make up the Albemarle Region, located in the northeastern corner of North Carolina.

We proudly serve Northeastern North Carolina’s Counties and Municipalities

The albemarle regional commission

Initially organized in 1968 as a Planning District Commission through North Carolina General Statute §153A-391, and then charted in 1972 under the direction of the U.S. Economic Development Administration, the Albemarle Commission is sanctioned as the lead regional organization for Region R by the federal government. Through legislation, the Commission became one of five regional planning and development commissions. The Commission has been addressed regional needs since its doors opened in 1968 and has been instrumental in the development and/or enhancement of regional infrastructure; industrial recruitment business development, labor force development, travel and tourism, community reinvestment/rehabilitation, and health and human services. The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy was developed by the Albemarle Commission Staff and Partners with the guidance of the CREDS Committee, input from local governments and industry in the region. The CREDS Committee represented leaders of the community and was composed of 60% private sector stake holders. Local government managers, planners, and economic developers provided input concerning the projects and needs of the region. Other sources of information include economic development strategies, land use plans, and capital improvement plans of local governments in the region, as well as our local plans for aging and workforce development.